Amber D.



Hometown: Brandon, Fla.

Birthday: April 22 

College (if any): University of Tampa (2012), Hillsborough Community College (2013), South Florida State College (2014) and South University (2015-present)

Major/Minor: Nursing

Current Occupation: Full-time nursing student and bartender

5 Things you can't live without:  Food, sports, lotion, family and my phone

Long term career goal:  I would love to become a nurse practitioner or head nurse in the delivery room.

Something you've always wanted to learn: Spanish. I'd like to be bilingual so I can communicate with more patients.

Hobbies: Softball, fishing, hunting, running and reading

Interests: I love science! I'm secretly a nerd and love everything about the human body. I find it so interesting!

Favorite Quote: "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." -- Mahatma Gandhi

Favorite Movies: All the Harry Potter movies

Favorite Music: Alessia Cara, Daya, The Chainsmokers, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran and Gnash

Favorite Books: Nancy Drew books

How do you stay in shape? I run, on occassion, and do cardio at home to try and stay healthy

Favorite healthy meal? Any kind of salad. I love them all! #Obsessed

Person/people you admire most? Why?:  My sister Courtney for how much she has grown in the past few years. She is a smart, strong young woman that I look up to as a role model. She is an absolutely amazing mother, successful in school and growing into the perfect woman that I love with all my heart; and the only person I could love and hate at the same time

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?:  Living my life as a nurse, continuing my education and potentially having children and owning my own home

If you could have a super power, what would you want to have and why: Reading minds. It would be so much easier for me to help people if I could read their minds -- especially men

Something most people don't know about you:  I am a triplet! I have one older brother and one sister and we all share the same birthday

Greatest accomplishment in your life thus far: Getting accepted into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at South University

Three words that describe you: Talkative, smart and caring

Favorite Reality TV Show: I don't really watch TV, but my favorite show is definitely The Vampire Diaries