Hometown: Newburgh, N.Y.

Birthday: September 29, 1990

College (if any): University of Tampa

Major/Minor: Sports Management

Current Occupation: Manager/Instructor at Pure Barre Tampa

5 things you can’t live without: My family and friends, my Pomeranian, music and tacos

Long-term career goal: To be successful doing something I am passionate about.

Something you’ve always wanted to learn? How to surf, play the guitar and the piano.

Hobbies: Working out, dancing, reading and going to the beach

Interests: I love going to sporting events! I also enjoy binge-watching TV shows when I actually get the time to relax

Favorite Quote: "In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety." -- Abraham Maslow

Favorite Movies: Wolf of Wall Street, Beauty and the Beast and La La Land

Favorite Music: Country and anything else I can dance to

Favorite Books: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

How do you stay in shape? Pure Barre and spinning

Favorite healthy meal? A salad with tomato, cucumber, chick peas, red onion and balsamic vinegarette

Person/people you admire most? Why? I am blessed to be surrounded by so many inspirational people every day, but I admire my parents the most. I have been very fortunate throughout my life and it is because of all they have done for me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? The beauty of this question is that I don't know! I would love to say I will still be here in Tampa, but you never know what opportunities might come your way.

If you could have a super power, what would you want to have and why: I would want to teleport, because I have so many friends that live so far away and it would be nice to see them more often.

Most interesting experience you have had as a Storm Dancer? Not having to audition for the 2017 season. This was a huge deal and I was honored to have been wanted for the 2017 season. Our team was so strong in 2016, and we all mesh together so well, that it was great to hear we were all coming back!

Something most people don't know about you: I can do just about anything with my toes. Our captain, Lexxie, and I have been best friends since seventh grade, and one time in high school, I tied her sneakers for her with my toes. Kind of creepy, but I guess kind of cool!

Greatest accomplishment in your life thus far: Graduating from the University of Tampa after four years and getting a job in my field right out of college. I know a lot of graduates struggle with this and I was blessed to not only land a job in my field, but excel at the job.

Three words that describe you: Outgoing, hardworking, energetic

Most embarrassing moment: It takes a lot for me to get embarrassed so I don't think I have an embarrassing moment that actually stands out.

Favorite Reality TV Show: Guy's Grocery Games