Laser Spine Institute and Lightning Team Up To Stick It to Hunger

Laser Spine Institute and the Lightning gave back with the Give & Grub food truck

Laser Spine Institute and Lightning Team Up To Stick It to Hunger

Laser Spine Institute is a healthcare organization specializing in minimally invasive spine surgery. Having helped more than 60,000 patients find relief from chronic and severe neck and back pain since 2005, Laser Spine Institute knows what it means to offer hope to those who suffer.

This knowledge has helped them see that the Tampa Bay community is suffering, with more than 50,000 people in Hillsborough County living in extreme poverty.

As a leader in the healthcare industry, Laser Spine Institute understands the importance of preventative care and every day wellness. This understanding has propelled them to invest in local partnerships that extend their reach in community service.

Hunger is one of the leading problems that the Tampa Bay community struggles with on a daily basis. More than 700,000 people go hungry each day in this community, which is why Laser Spine Institute has partnered with local organizations to help fight back.

Every day, one in four children goes hungry in our community. Laser Spine Institute is reaching out and giving back to help these children—all with your help.

During its 17-month run as a food truck, Give & Grub’s mission to ‘stick it to hunger’ was accomplished by donating one meal to the hungry children of the Tampa Bay community for every one gourmet menu item sold at the Give & Grub Food Truck.

Partnering with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Feeding Tampa Bay, Laser Spine Institute’s Give & Grub Food Truck featured delectable, gourmet dishes sure to obtain the highest reviews including the Chicken Parmkos, a chicken parmesan sandwich named after the Lightning’s Steven Stamkos and the Candied Cooper Burger, a delicious candied jalapeno burger named after Lightning coach Jon Cooper.

Gourmet Food With a Purpose

Born out of the partnership between Laser Spine Institute and the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Give & Grub's mission during its 17-month run as a food truck was to give back. With the partnership of these two great organizations, Give & Grub was able to serve the underprivileged and hungry children in our area.

Did you know that more than 700,000 people in our area go hungry each day, and more than 250,000 of those people are children? Recognizing the need in our own community, the Tampa Bay Lightning, Feeding Tampa Bay and Laser Spine Institute were committed to fighting the fight against hunger.

For each menu item sold, Laser Spine Institute donated one meal to the hungry children in Tampa Bay. Meaning that through your generosity, we can lower the number of hungry children in our area.

The Give & Grub Food Truck offered gourmet meals, developed around the Lightning's star players' favorite foods. Featuring dishes like Callahan's Mac Slam, named after Ryan Callahan, and the Chicken Parmkos Sandwich, named after Steven Stamkos, the Give & Grub food made giving back more delicious than ever.

Laser Spine Institute has donated more than 180,000 meals to hungry kids in the Tampa Bay area through the Give & Grub food truck program. And while the food truck has ended operations, the Give & Grub program has evolved into a new and exciting format through the Give & Grub café – an employee only café located in Laser Spine Institute’s new corporate headquarters and ASC. While the café is only open to employees, the truck’s original “buy one, give one” mission will still live on, and the Lightning are still a proud partner!

About Laser Spine Institute

Laser Spine Institute is dedicated to changing lives. Having helped more than 60,000 patients, we believe that no person should be forced to live with debilitating pain.

As the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, Laser Spine Institute holds a commitment to helping people who suffer from chronic or severe neck and back pain. We understand that your health is your top priority, which is why we offer alternatives to the traditional and invasive open neck and back procedures offered within a hospital setting.

Laser Spine Institute has been serving the local Tampa Bay area since 2005. Now, with regional centers located across the United States, Laser Spine Institute is changing the way spine surgery is perceived. Our minimally invasive techniques allow for quicker recovery times and higher success rates.

Laser Spine Institute is proud to boast a 97 percent patient satisfaction rate, as well as a 98 percent patient recommendation rate. Our main goal is to be able to assist as many people as possible in getting back to the quality of life that they deserve.

Founded upon the principles of patient-centered care and service, at Laser Spine Institute we have embarked on a journey to transform the healthcare industry. We are committed to offering only the highest level of care at our state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery centers. Our caring and expert surgeons are devoted to performing the most effective procedures, while our dedicated team members work each day to ensure that our patients receive the highest level of medical care available.


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