Arena Football Fanographies – Linda Greenway

Jan 11, 2012 Arena Football League

Linda Greenway, Tampa Bay Storm fan

My name is Linda Greenway. I have three children – they are 13, eight, and six, the oldest being a boy. I remember taking my son to see the Storm play when he was two and we enjoyed the games.

Never could I have known years later that the Storm would have changed my life!

It was in 2010 when I was a Girl Scout leader for my oldest daughter’s troop. I contacted the Storm and asked if they’d donate tickets to our troop so we could do a daddy/daughter night at a game. To my surprise, they said yes! The night was a HUGE success, all the girls had fun and the dads really got to bond teaching them the game.

Last year, my husband and I chose to get season tickets for the Storm. I figured if this was an organization that gave back to the community like they did for my girl scouts, I wanted to support them! My daughters and I made tie-dye shirts in the Storm colors and used them for autographs all season.

After EVERY game, the kids just had to go on the field and see their “friends” – the players and dancers. By doing this, I actually made friends! Ty Timmons, Michael Lindsey, and Deonte’ Bolden, to name a few.

In making these friends I also learned that Ty had a non-profit he runs called “Resolute Training,” where he provides sport-specific training, tutoring, and mentoring to children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. Then I met Jo Schafe, who runs Bacchus Event Foundation Solution – a non-profit that works hand in hand with Ty.

I am now deeply involved with Jo and Bacchus and am helping give back as one of their fundraising coordinators. In the process, my children have learned how to give back as well. Being involved with the Tampa Bay Storm has touched us deeply.

I love how this League really cares about their fans and community involvement. I can’t thank the AFL and the Storm enough for making our lives better! I now have an AMAZING circle of friends that do a lot in our community to help those in need and having that feeling of pride I get when I know I’m helping is a feeling you just can’t describe!!!


Linda Greenway