Day two of Storm training camp

Mar 11, 2016 Tampa Bay Storm

The Storm wrapped up its second day of training camp this afternoon.  The team used the day to finish the installation of offense and defense, and it also worked on perfecting the plays.  While the first two days are important for learning purposes, the one aspect of camp that was missing was the pads.  That will all change come tomorrow, when the Storm dons its pads for the first time.

“We’re anxious to get the pads on,” said jack linebacker Rick-J Hill.  “It’s so important because then we’ll be going live and we’ll be at full speed.”

However, all was not lost as the players used the past two days to get their timing down.  While it is important to put the pads on, the two days without pads are extremely important for learning purposes.

“We took the time to go through our sets and our steps,” said rookie center Chris Jasperse.  “We had to get mentally prepared for the big day tomorrow when we put the pads on.  That’s when camp really starts for the linemen.”

The defense also took the past few days to get into the playbook and learn.  With a new defensive philosophy and set, it is imperative that all of the players get on the same page.  With only two weeks of camp, the past few days were critical to the team’s fundamental success.

“We really worked on our fundamentals,” said defensive lineman Everett Dawkins.  “We have new coaches and new players, so we took the time to get to know each other and work on our technique.”

After today, there will be no time for excuses.  The practices will be live and the players will be hitting hard.  With everyone going all out, there is bound to be tons of action.

“Everyone can look good when they’re out of the pads, but when the pads come on, that’s when we’ll really find out who the players are,” said Dawkins.

Coaches’ Perspective:  “Get some rest guys,” said head coach Lawrence Samuels.  “Tomorrow we’re going live.  The days will be longer and faster.  Let’s get after it and leave all out there.”

Quote of the Day:  “We’re just happy to be out here playing football and doing what we love to do.  Let’s grind and get ready to go.” – Storm defensive back James Harrell

Player Spotlight:  Knowing it needed an added boost in the defensive backfield, the Storm saw an opportunity when it was able to acquire All-Arena defensive back, Cameron McGlenn.  McGlenn, a five-year veteran, began his AFL career with the Iowa Barnstormers in 2011.  In five seasons, he’s made a name for himself as one of the top defenders in the League.  For his career, McGlenn has 37 interceptions, averaging 7.4 per season.  During training camp he has shown why the Storm made it a point to go after him, reeling his first interception this afternoon.  His opportunistic approach to the game will help the team improve not only its defense, but also its turnover margin.