Timeline: Memorable Moments in the "War on I-4"

May 13, 2015 Tampa Bay Storm

The "War on I-4" is more than a competition between two teams separated by just 85 miles, more than a natural civic rivalry among two of central Florida's largest metropolises. It is a fight between two of the most storied franchises in the AFL, who have both claimed championships and some of the best players in the league's history as their own. 

Of the rivalry, longtime observer John Cotey of the St. Petersburg Times penned: "It is the fiercest rivlary in all of Arena Football, driven by an unmistakable dislike for each other, fueled by a series of incredible finishes, and framed by a postseason history so rich that players on both sides have never hesitated to compare it to Auburn-Alabama, Ohio State-Michigan, or Green Bay-Chicago."

Main Photo Credit: Scott McIntyre/Tampa Bay Times