Off-season Q&A with Alfred McCullough

Jan 30, 2015

Two-time BCS National Champion Alfred McCullough may not play have the most glamorous position as an offensive lineman, but his consistency and tenacity on the field have made all the difference for the Tampa Bay Storm over the past two seasons. As he returns for his third season with the team, McCullough took time to discuss his personal goals for 2015, and how he’s ready to fight for another championship.

1.What have you been up to during the off-season?

I’ve been working out a lot, playing basketball, and spending time with family.

2.You re-signed with the Storm in early December. What keeps the Storm at the top of your list when you’re considering who to sign with?

My teammates. I wanted to come back and play with my teammates, the ones that came back from last year. Just by talking to the guys it seemed like the right move to come back to Tampa.

3.This will be your third season in blue and gold, and you’ll undoubtedly be a veteran presence in the locker room. Is that a role you’re excited to embrace?

I think I’m more accepting of the role. I’m not usually a vocal guy; I usually lead by example. But I’m willing to step outside of myself this year and be more of a vocal leader for the team.

4.With training camp rapidly approaching, what preparations are you taking to get ready for the 2015 season?

I’m continuing to work out, just trying to get myself in the best shape that I can before camp starts; however, there’s no way to simulate being in “football shape” besides getting out there and playing. I’m also getting myself mentally ready for what’s going to be coming in March.

5.The Storm has made a number of big acquisitions over the past few months. Are you eager to get to work with this new group of guys and see how you come together?

Camp is going to be a test of getting to know each other and who can play with whom, and I’m looking forward to it.

6.Over the course of two seasons, you’ve played in 35 of 37 games and started in all of them. What do you attribute that level of consistency to?

I think it’s my will for the game. I love the game. If I don’t have to miss a game, I won’t; if I don’t have something that’s going to keep me out of a game, then I’m going to continue to play.

7.One of your goals this season is to make All-Arena honors. Why is that so important to you?

I feel that I’m one of the best linemen in the league. For that to be true around the league, I need those words beside my name. I feel that if I want to be the top lineman, I need to be All-Arena, so if I can get that honor then it’ll make me happy.

8.What are you most excited about for this upcoming season?

I’m excited to get back in the “team sport” environment. There’s nothing like being around a bunch of guys who have the same goal, which is to win a championship. The camaraderie of the guys and the fight to win is what I’m most excited for.