Former Predators Share Their Take

Mar 28, 2014 Missy Zielinski

Storm Notebook: Former Predators Share Their Take

While the entire Storm squad is excited for the first installment of “The War on I-4” Saturday, no one on Tampa Bay’s current roster may know their intrastate rival better than Amarri Jackson and Dexter Jackson. The two both spent time wearing an Orlando Predators jersey during the 2013 season.

“I’ve been on both sides of the rivalry,” Amarri Jackson said. “I know how big it is on that side of the locker room and how it is on this side of the locker room.”

“It’s just a different environment when we play Orlando” Dexter Jackson said. “There is a lot of history and a lot of great players that come back to watch the game.”

Yet this season the Predators have a new look, including new head coach Rob Keefe and 10 rookies featured on their lineup to start the year.

“Orlando looks really young and rejuvenated already,” Dexter Jackson Said. “They’re fast and they’re ready to bring it.”

Both teams solidified victories in Week 2 late in the game, but if the Storm want to protect their undefeated record, they must improve play in the first half after slow starts during the past two weeks.

“We seem to find our stroke in the second half, but we need to come out early,” Amarri Jackson said.

If they can hold on for the victory both said it will make a statement in their first of a season-high three meetings with Orlando.

The Storm have not achieved a 3-0 record since the 2001 season.

Notable Quotables
“When you play a team a lot of times it’s like playing the team in practice every day. It makes it real challenging because you know your opponent so well.”

DL Dexter Jackson on playing the Orlando Predators three times this season

“Everything about Saturday’s atmosphere will emulate a playoff game. Every week is a one week season for us right now.”

WR Amarri Jackson on what type of atmosphere to expect Saturday night

Other Odds ‘n Ends
Tampa Bay acquired defensive lineman Rashad Dukes Friday and placed offensive lineman Carl Johnson on injured reserve.