Storm Participate in American Teach-In

Nov 23, 2015 Tampa Bay Storm

Last week the Tampa Bay Storm participated in the Great American Teach-In. As part of the program, several players visited local Tampa-area schools including Frost Elementary School, Chiaramonte Elementary School and Robles Elementary School.

“This is a great program for kids of this age,” said Storm mac linebacker Dexter Jackson. “We came out here to teach the kids that education comes first above everything.”

The teach-in is a program in which local members of the community come out to speak to children at various elementary schools. The Storm has been an avid participant over the years, visiting several schools and becoming the teacher for a short period of time.

“It means a lot for the Storm players to come out here,” said a school official. “They get to see a different perspective with a positive message about education.”

While some participants read books, the Storm players took the opportunity to speak to the kids about the importance of education. Staying in school, listening to teachers and getting good grades were a few of the messages that Storm kicker Craig Peterson spoke to the children about.

“Education always comes first,” said Peterson. “Sports are secondary because they will always be there, but you can’t miss out on the opportunity to get a quality education.”

The day was a huge success for all who participated.

“This was a great experience for me and the rest of the players,” said Storm head coach Lawrence Samuels. “It felt great to give back and help teach the younger generation.”