Storm players discuss favorite video games

Jun 16, 2016 Hailey Hrynewich

This Saturday, the Storm will host “Game Night,” a night in which the team celebrates anything from board games to video games.  In honor of the night’s theme, we sat down with some Storm players to see what their favorite video games are and what they like about them the most.

Jimmy Gordon- NCAA Football

“I like how I can actually play myself in the video game because I am in it.  I went to a Division One school in college (Buffalo). I will admit I do tend to throw the ball to myself every time…I mean it is just a video game.”

James Harrell- Call of Duty

“I’ve been on fire lately. My ratio is 8-to-1 right now. I love being able to play my friends online and get competitive with them and beat them.”

Adam Kennedy- FIFA

“I played soccer when I was younger and just always had a love for it. So I guess when I chose to play football I just stopped playing soccer in real life and started re-living it in a video game.”

Gerald Young- Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

“It’s a cool game. It’s pretty much five-on-five and you get time to prepare for any situation. I’ve got a lot of friends online, and I like to compete with them in it.”

RJ Bibbs- Call of Duty

“I like to play online and release my frustration. You get to compete and try and get the most points. It’s just a good way to release some stress for me.”