Tony Dungy visits the Storm

Jun 22, 2016 Tampa Bay Storm

The Storm had an unexpected visit Wednesday morning from Professional Football Hall of Fame Coach, Tony Dungy. With the team going through its current struggle, it seemed like a perfect time for Coach Dungy to visit.

“It was just what the doctor ordered,” said Storm head coach Lawrence Samuels.  “I respect and admire Coach Dungy and to hear him speak to us about some of the trials and tribulations he’s been through, it was something everyone needed to hear.”

Coach Dungy did not just speak about football. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts coach spoke about trust, faith, family and perseverance in the eyes of struggle.

“You know it was great to hear Coach Dungy speak,” said wide receiver Kendrick Ings.  “He told us about some of his personal experiences and how he overcame them. When you hear someone like him discuss overcoming his own struggles, it makes you feel like you can personally overcome anything.”

Eventually, the topic came around to football. Coach Dungy discussed his personal experiences in coaching.  He told the players that in football sometimes you face adversity, but you cannot give up.

“It was really motivating,” said wide receiver Phillip Barnett.  “He’s been through it all and when it was all said and done, he won a Super Bowl.”

It has been a struggle for this team starting off 1-10, but it’s something to learn and grow from. The team will use this visit as a source of inspiration and motivation this coming Friday, when it takes on the Orlando Predators.

“In order to be great, you have to learn from the greats,” said defensive back James Harrell. “Today we learned from one of the best.”