Tampa Bay Times Forum Information 

In 2011, the Tampa Bay Times Forum has reinvented itself with over $40 million in improvements that have clearly revolutionized the industry.

With a wide array of venues spread throughout the United States, it can be difficult to find one that distinguishes itself from the others. That is not the case with the newly transformed Tampa Bay Times Forum, Florida’s premier entertainment venue and home of the Five-Time Arena Football Champion Tampa Bay Storm and the 2004 Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning.

Boasting unique features like lightning-throwing Tesla coils, an 11,000 square-foot Bud Light party deck with incredible views of the city and a massive five-manual, 105-rank digital pipe organ, the Tampa Bay Times Forum consistently ranks among the very best venues in the United States. The best part? This is only the beginning.

A new era in Tampa Bay has arrived and it’s time you be a part of it. Our owners are committed to providing fans with a world-class experience at every game, concert, and event.