2015 Transactions


DATE Player Position  Transaction
4/1 Ben Ossai OL A
  Stanlee Bradley OL A
  Bruce Doyle OL IR
  Rocce Manfre OL R
4/3 Stanlee Bradley OL R
  Jarien Moreland OL T
4/8 Julius Forte DL R
  Tim Shelley II DB A
4/13 Sammuel Lamur QB R
  Nick Addison DB IAR
4/15 Randall Burden DB IAR
  Frank Mays DL A
  Chris Jamison OL A
4/22 Randall Burden DB Act. IAR
  Uriah Grant DL SUS
4/29 Nick Addison DB Act. IAR
  Uriah Grant DL RR
  Carl Johnson OL RR
5/1 Carl Johnson OL S
5/11 Carl Johnson OL R
  Xavier Melton DL R
  Jarvis Williams WR R
  Frank Mays DL OLEX
  Emery Sammons WR A
5/12 Ryne Giddins DL A
5/27 Ryne Giddins DL IR
  Julius Forte DL A
5/28 Randall Burden DB  IR
  Garrison Ushery FB A
6/2 Garrison Ushery FB R
  Tyler Moore OL A
6/4 Bruce Doyle OL R
  Chris Jamison FB R
  Jermarcus Hardrick OL A
6/16 Ryne Giddins DL Act. IR
  Jarmarcus Hardrick OL OLEX
6/24 Ryne Giddins DL R
  Jermarcus Hardrick OL Act. OLEX
7/6 Rick-J Hill JLB IAR
  Undra Hendrix OL A
7/9 Jarien Moreland OL R
  Nick Williams DB A
  Rick-J Hill JLB IR
7/16 Tristan Purifoy WR A
  Rick-J Hill JLB Act. IR
  Randall Burden DB IR
  Nick Williams DB R
7/23 Tim Shelley  DB IR
  Randall Burden DB A
7/28 Rick-J Hill JLB IR
7/29 Phillip Barnett WR IR
  Alfred McCullough OL IR
  Tyler Moore OL Act. SUS
7/30 Tyler Moore OL SUS
  David Washington DL A
  Rony Barrow DL A
  Nick Addison DB A
7/31 Tyler Moore OL OLEX
8/6 Travis Miller OL A



  • A – Assigned (Acquired)
  • IR – Injured Reserve
  • IAR - Inactive Reserve
  • LS - Placing on League Suspension
  • OLEX – Other League Exempt
  • PUP – Physically Unable to Perform
  • R – Reassigned (Released)
  • RR - Recallable Reassignment
  • RTR – Refused to Report
  • S - Suspension
  • T – Traded  
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